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Equity Management 101: Spend Less Time on Admin and More Time on Growth

📹 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR    📅 Aired: 2 October 2019  

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how digitising cap tables and reports using Capdesk helps growth companies:

  • save time on administrative tasks
  • reduce the risk of errors by moving away from paper-based versioning of documents
  • cut legal and accounting fees
  • accurately track equity and employee shares.

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Webinar Description

Join us to learn about digitising equity management

As a growth company, it’s important that you have a full overview and understanding of your capitalization table (cap table). Although this document may look like a standard spreadsheet, it lays out who the company’s stakeholders are and how many shares each person owns. Sounds simple, right? But this does not do justice to the complexity that cap table management entails.

As a company grows, more people invest or are awarded shares and ownership gets increasingly complex. Current and future investors will want to understand who is now on your cap table, and more importantly, you will want to know how your ownership is affected when offering more equity. Not to mention that, your cap table includes drafting and signing legal documents, communicating with shareholders and complying with regulations.

The best way to keep track and manage your cap table properly is by digitising it.

Join us for:

  1. A discussion on the benefits of using cap table software
  2. A demo of Capdesk
  3. A Live Q&A

About our Speaker

Ben Bowes, Sales & Business Development Director

Ben Bowes is passionate about scaling startups through selling visions and transforming the world through technology, communication and cooperation.  After travelling the world and living in various countries, Ben joined Capdesk because he recognised the need for equity management software and wanted to help Capdesk achieve it's vision to democratise wealth.

Ben is also an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner currently training at the world-renowned Roger Gracie Academy. 

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