Unlock your startup’s unfair advantage and boost growth with employee equity

Employee equity is an untapped resource in far too many startups. In competition with established businesses, early-stage companies struggle to attract, motivate and retain talented employees. Our guide shows you how to tackle these problems, and more, with employee equity.

Capdesk’s in-depth introduction ranges from the absolute basics (the pros and cons of giving employees equity) to detailed breakdowns of the advanced stuff (option pool shuffles, refresh grants and secondary transactions).

Find useful explanations and definitive responses to all your questions, such as:

  • What’s the difference between options, warrants and phantom shares?
  • What’s the right size option pool for my company?
  • How much equity should I give each employee?
  • How can I use equity to motivate long-standing employees?
  • What happens to an employee’s equity when they leave the company?
  • Should I give employees access to secondary transactions?
  • How are options taxed in the UK and Europe?