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How Privitar Use
Capdesk To Scale

With over 20 years of experience in the startup world, Privitar CFO Nick Pointon explains why he thinks Capdesk was crucial for enabling Privitar to grow efficiently and affordably, make a good impression on investors, and maintain healthy relationships with employees. 

quotes Easy to use and highly effective software

It has helped me to organise 30 years worth of statutory registers, transfer books, spreadsheets and a multitude of other actions in our share scheme into a simple to use and read format. It is clean, easy and effective in what it does.

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quotes Intuitive software and easy to setup

Overall: Really positive. It's a massive help for the business and it means we have a significantly more reliable and trustworthy place to store shareholder information and a portal for communications.

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quotes Good functionality and helpful user support

1) Well-tailored to growing unquoted companies needs
2) Handles increasing cap table complexity
3) Useful to a range of stakeholders - issuer, management, staff and shareholders - in terms of both records-keeping and communications

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