Equity Made Digital by Ecovis and Capdesk

For the first time ever, equity has been fully digitalised. Save valuable money and time through end-to-end equity scheme management services and advice brought to you by the industry's leading experts. 

Equity Advice Made Digital

Say Goodbye to Paperwork


Set up your equity scheme (SEIS, EIS, EMI, CSOP and more) right, with the help of Ecovis. Manage all relevant documentation digitally and track changes to your cap table and option grants in real time, through Capdesk. Seamless.



Get trustworthy, expert advice on setting up an EIS/SEIS scheme from Ecovis. Capdesk will then generate your relevant HMRC documentation, like Advanced Assurance and SEIS or EIS certificates.

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Option Plans

Design the most tax-efficient option plan with Ecovis guidance. Then manage it efficiently with Capdesk: grant and terminate options, track vestings, allocate option pools, and create HMRC fillings digitally.

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Issue Shares

Ecovis can advise you on issuing, transferring, merging and splitting equity properly. Capdesk will update your cap table, generate electronic share certificates, and create Companies House fillings like SH01, SH06, CS01, J30, and more.

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about ecovis

Specialist advice. Strategic thinking. Lifelong partnerships.

Ecovis is a leading firm of Chartered Accountants, Business Advisors, and Data Analysts based in Soho, the heart of London. Whether you are an ambitious owner-managed business, partnership, an established company or a private client, their team of dedicated and commercially minded specialists can offer the advice you need to help you achieve your goals. The services they offer include:

  • Business Advisory
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Outsourced Accountancy
  • Tax
  • Due Diligence
  • Ecovis Online
  • Data Analytics

Specialist sector expertise includes:

  • Media
  • Hospitality
  • Entering the UK Market
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Financial Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Businesses
  • Private Clients


SEIS and EIS schemes are a great way for your business to attract investors and grow. But setting them up involves several, often complicated steps, as well as a significant paper load. With years of experience, Ecovis can guide you through the process of implementing either one of those schemes, while Capdesk enables you to produce and store relevant documents for both investors and the authorities efficiently through the platform. 

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Option Plans

Not sure how to implement, fine-tune, or manage the option plan of your fast-growing company? Ecovis has the answers to your questions. Meanwhile, on Capdesk you can issue and sign grants electronically, terminate them, track their vesting, or even invite option holders to track their options through a single platform. 


Issue Shares

The bigger your business gets, the more complicated its capital structure is likely to get. Ecovis will share with you their insight on how to navigate through all kinds of difficulties relating to shares - whether you're issuing, transferring, splitting, or merging. As always, Capdesk will then execute and store all the documentation for you digitally: from Companies House filings, to share certificate issuances and automatic updates to your cap table. 

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Trusted by companies like yours

Capdesk is one of those products you don’t realise you need until you actually use it, and then it completely changes things. As soon as you start seed, you should have this. As soon as you’re thinking of doing share options, you should have this.

Cerrith Moore,

The ease of accessing everything is fantastic, and that gives us a huge time-saving advantage. Before, we would easily spend a day per quarter doing share admin, but now we just log in and see everything at a glance.

Jessica Ryan,

We immediately saw the value of a service that allowed us to manage all parts of shareholder communications and shareholder structure easily. And because it has all our equity information and also knows what is required from the companies’ registrars in the UK, it can automatically produce all these reports that we’d normally have to do manually or get help from 3rd parties for.

Hamish Anderson,

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How do I import my data on Capdesk?

Capdesk has a highly trained onboarding team who will guide you through every step of importing your company's data, in order to ensure it is 100% accurate and in the correct format before you start using the platform. Please note that there is a one-off charge for the platform's onboarding services, which will be quoted to you along with the price of your subscription upon request. 

How much will this cost me?

The price of your annual subscription will depend entirely on the particular size and needs of your business. Request to apply in order to receive a customised quote. Please rest assured that by applying you do not automatically sign up for any services - you will simply be contacted by a specialist to assess your situation and discuss your options before you decide whether you wish to proceed or not. 

Who will have access to my data on Capdesk?

Every company decides for itself how many admin users it would like to have, and who those will be. Admin users can invite non-admin users (typically investors or employees) to access certain features or parts of your company's data through the platform. Capdesk allows you to configure who has access to what on the platform through its settings.