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Manage all your equity in one place - on Capdesk

Capdesk is an equity management solution that digitises your cap table and shareholder register. On Capdesk, your company ownership records are more accurate, accessible and compliant.

Our platform helps you effortlessly manage equity as your business grows, with features that support funding rounds, employee share schemes, end-to-end deed execution, stakeholder management and more.

Look professional to future investors, help stakeholders understand their equity position, meet compliance and regulatory deadlines with ease and never get lost in a messy spreadsheet again.

Support for



Automated filings for HMRC and Companies House. Support for EMI, CSOP, EIS and deed signing.



Secure VSOP management and share number handling. Electronic signing compliant with Bundesdruckerei.



Support for BSPCE including a fully customisable vesting schedule engine.



Support for QESO. Compliant share registers with automatic share number handling.



Support for Danish warrants. Support for share plans across multiple jurisdictions.



Tailored to country-specific needs. Support for share plans across multiple jurisdictions.

Startups and scale-ups across
Europe use Capdesk to:

Manage growing cap tables and shareholder registers

Digitally issue options and warrants from end to end

Complete smart transactions such as exercising options and secondary sales

Hear from our customers

Our platform makes equity management straightforward, with features that support funding rounds, employee share schemes, end-to-end deed execution, stakeholder management and more.

Capdesk pays for itself straight away

“With a cap table of our size, we anticipated timelines closer to 12 weeks, but Capdesk got us up and running in 32 days.”
Mike McClean, Head of Financial Control & Accounting
“Capdesk has saved me so much time and effort, and the time has been fantastic. There’s really no alternative.”
Adriana Berglund, Head of Legal
“Before Capdesk we were using a simple spreadsheet to manage our shareholders, option holders and vesting schedules. Once we understood what Capdesk could do for us as a digital platform, we were sold.”
Damian Walsh, Financial Controller

Easy to use and highly effective software

It has helped me to organise 30 years worth of statutory registers, transfer books, spreadsheets and a multitude of other actions in our share scheme into a simple to use and read format. It is clean, easy and effective in what it does.

Hugo S.

Intuitive software and easy to setup

Overall: Really positive. It's a massive help for the business and it means we have a significantly more reliable and trustworthy place to store shareholder information and a portal for communications.

Alex R.

Good functionality and helpful user support

1) Well-tailored to growing unquoted companies needs 2) Handles increasing cap table complexity 3) Useful to a range of stakeholders - issuer, management, staff and shareholders - in terms of both records-keeping and communications

Nick B.
review starts 4.5-1

Learn what Capdesk can do for you

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